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Dream Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask

I’m not entirely sure, but judging by my feet, I may be descended from an odd mix of Hobbits, Fred Flintstone, and Sasquatch. My size 10WW are also blessed with bunions and corns. Did I mention my ankles are severely pronated (they roll to the inside as I walk)? With all these foot issues, it’s no wonder I have a hard time keeping them smooth.

It doesn’t get much sexier than my gnarly feet, does it?

I’ve been searching for a lazy way of getting that wonderfully soft and smooth just-pedicured effect without having to go to the salon, where I always over-tip the poor nail tech who has to deal with my dogs. It’s my way of apologizing for putting her through such a harrowing experience because every time I get a pedicure, my feet look as if they’ve never been pedicured before.

I invested in pumice stones, brushes, exfoliating foot creams (Bliss used to make a wonderful one but it’s never been quite the same after Marcia Kilgore sold the business), foot files, those moisturizing socks, and even bought a callus shaver that I couldn’t work up the courage to use. And still my feet remained virtually bullet-proof.

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing Amazon for a moisturizing foot mask when I saw something called Dream Feet.

I wish I had dreamy feet, I thought, and immediately ordered a pair. Yes, pair. Because these are little plastic booties you slide your tough, leathery clodhoppers er, feet into. Sorry, I’m projecting.

Anyway, these little booties are lined with fruit acids to exfoliate and chamomile extracts to soothe. The directions on the package say to leave these things on for up to 90 minutes. I lay on my bed and window-shopped for fab shoes in which to show off my gorgeous new feet while wearing the sock-masks on for an hour before I decided to rinse off the solution; my feet were starting to get warm and tingly and I was afraid they would burn off if I left the socks on too long. I mean, it didn’t really burn or even hurt, but I’m a paranoid person and didn’t want to take a chance.

For the next five days, I stared at my feet, hoping the skin would come off in one big sheet like a snake molting and leaving behind a snake-shaped shell of skin. Nothing. If anything, the soles looked super super dry and cracked. They felt papery and tight. The package said you don’t see any sign of peeling for five to seven days, but of course, I’m all about instant gratification and was disappointed in the lack of results.

After a long day of work today (day six), I flopped onto my bed and pulled off my socks. And gaped at my feet. There were sheets of skin just hanging off my soles.

You know when something is just too gross not to look? Yeah, it’s like that.

Which is why I’m going to post a picture of my peeling foot. So if you’re easily yucked out, stop reading.

For real.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you so don’t yell at me later! 😀


Ha, I didn’t notice until just now but apparently I’ve been shedding large bits of skin; I found pieces in the hallway that must have fallen off as I walked around the apartment. Good. New toys for the cat!

I’m really thrilled to be seeing my feet molt. Is that weird? It’s just kind of nice to see the newer skin underneath. I mentally croon to it and make all kinds of promises about taking tender and loving care of it.

Oh yeah, the directions also say not to pick at the peeling skin and just let it come off when it’s ready. Erm, How can you not pick at it???

In sum, I would buy this again just for the ick factor and the eventual foot smoothing. It doesn’t happen right away, and apparently soaking your feet for a few minutes before putting on the booties will help the cream do its job more efficiently. Which I did. I’m kind of afraid of what tomorrow’s molting is going to look like.


DIY: Three-in-One Mosquito-Repelling Body Scrub

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

After I made the DIY: Mosquito Repellant, I discovered I’d run out of my homemade body scrub and was about to make some more when it hit me: why couldn’t I make this batch a three-fer? After all, I use the scrub all over my body, so why not make it an anti-mosquito one as well as exfoliating AND moisturizing?

My regular scrub is made with sugar and oil. In the winter, I use olive oil because it’s a more occlusive and protects my skin from the harsh winter weather; my skin just drinks it up in the winter. But olive oil is way too heavy to use during steamy NYC summers, so I switch to Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Light Sesame Body Oil. I love that it never feels greasy and I have my friend K to thank for suggesting it to me several years ago. Sometimes I’ll use Trader Joe’s Lavender Body Oil which is lighter than olive oil but a step heavier than the Neutrogena sesame oil. You can use antioxidant-rich grape seed or avocado oils, or another neutral oil of your choice. Jojoba oil is nice too. Just an FYI: if you make a huge batch at once, it’s going to be in your shower for a long while and edible oils could go rancid before you can use it all up.

As you may have inferred, this scrub is very easily customizable, which is why I decided I’d give it some anti-bug properties. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner! I use sugar because it’s a great exfoliant that dissolves easily in water, so you can just rinse it off without losing the moisturization of the oil. You can also use table salt.

You’ll need a canning jar, which you can buy at your local kitchenware shop, yard sales, The Container Store, farming supplies store, and of course, online. In NYC, you can buy these jars at the Broadway Panhandler. It can be hard to find them during canning season, so you may have to really look around depending on where you are. Be sure you get the right size rubber gasket for the lids! Whatever jar you use must have a very tight-fitting lid that you can easily remove and replace in the shower–you don’t want water getting into this scrub because the sugar will begin to dissolve.

I use this scrub in the shower and then spray myself down with the DIY: Mosquito Repellant in the same way people layer their perfumes, and so far so good! This scrub makes a nice I’m-broke-as-a-joke-but-donwanna-look-like-it gift. You can cover the lid with a pretty piece of fabric and tie around it with a ribbon threaded with a tag listing the ingredients (in case of allergies) and the recipient’s name.

Whoops, I forgot to include the bottle of citronella essential oil in the lineup!

a190de4e, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

The oil seeping down into the sugar

Three-in-One Mosquito-Repelling Body Scrub (yields 16 oz)

  • One 0.5-liter (16-oz) hermetic jar
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4-1/2 cup light, fragrance-free oil (you can use grapeseed, avocado or jojoba oil)
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil
  • 5 drops citronella essential oil
  • 5 drops tea tree oil

Put the sugar into the jar. In a separate bowl, mix the oils and pour over the sugar. Mix with a disposable chopstick or plastic spoon. Use enough oil so the sugar is saturated but not so much that it puddles on top after it’s all been mixed in. Make sure the rubber gasket is on the inside of the lid, and clasp it shut.