Ruby Everyday Nail Salon

I’m not a nail person. In the twenty-odd years since I discovered the joys of outsourcing my nail care, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to make it out of a nail salon without ruining my manicure. Then I continue to ruin it with my frequent hand washing and inherent carelessness.

A friend introduced me to the miracle of UV gel manicures and I thought I’d found the answer to my manicure woes. They last forever and could probably withstand a nuclear explosion. But after two or so rounds of such manicures, my normally strong nails weakened, split, and peeled with a vengeance. Clearly UV gel manicures are also not in my personal grooming future except for special occasions. I’ve long ago given up getting manicures of any kind; it’s a maddening Sisyphean effort at best.

But through all my manicure disappointments, it’s the pedicure that has almost never let me down. Which is good because I can’t comfortably reach down low enough to do more than apply lotion to my feet. *glares down at Homer Simpson belly in shame* I don’t think I’ve ever managed to do even a passable polishing job on my own feet and I admit to harboring a secret hatred of all the ladies out there who can polish their toenails quickly and tidily without other people mistaking their feet as the object of a pre-school art project.

Since moving to Flushing, I’ve been on the hunt for a nice nail salon that doesn’t charge a small fortune for a good pedicure and is convenient to my new home. There are lots of nail salons in the area but really none stand out as The One. It’s a lot like dating, come to think of it.

I think I’ve found it in Ruby Everyday Nail Salon in Whitestone where my feet are being worked on as I type. It’s not nearly as conveniently located as I’d like but I’m probably just bitter because I walked a couple of miles to get here and am not only feeling grossly sweaty but exhausted too.

So exhausted, in fact, that I picked out a pink polish that is much much brighter than I expected. Like hot pink when I thought it was just kind of bright in the bottle. Oh well. Beauty is all about being experimental, right?

Yikes, it’s really bright. I may have crossed into neon pink territory. :O

I tried not to giggle when the nail tech (crap, I’ve forgotten her name!) applied the callus remover (additional $9) and she couldn’t get the plastic wrap over my gigantic feet. When you are descended from Fred Flintstone and hobbits, you can’t help but try to find the amusement related to said clodhoppers.

IMG_1730.JPGI really have to remember to take before and after shots.

They include a hot stone foot massage with every pedicure; the nail file or cuticle pusher they used on Foot Fungus Fanny before you is not also used on you; and the nail tech who worked on my tootsies was super thorough.The salon is clean, well organized, and quiet.

Not gonna lie: I don’t want to give Ruby Everyday Nail Salon any props in case they get too popular, but they’re all so friendly and polite, I can’t keep them a secret!


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