Samplepalooza, Day 1

Started my day with the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash sample I got from Sephora:

Followed by Philosophy Hope in a Jar mousturizer:

After applying bare-bones makeup (lid primer, copper eyeliner, blush, and eyebrows), the Fresh Sugar Rosé tinted lip balm went on:


This felt silky on my lips and the color is very subtle. It’s not sticky or waxy and feels light. I liked that the tube cover is a twist cap, which means the cap won’t just come off in my bag or melt and get all over my pocket, but that also means I can’t just slap it on and go. The tube casing is made of what I think is aluminum; it doesn’t have that drugstore feel to it. Does that make sense?

The biggest issue I have with this sample is that every time I apply it, it feels like I’m about to snap the balm off its base; it feels a little flimsy.

Here’s a swatch of the tinted balm:


My friends gave me the master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom that boasted a whirlpool tub! This bathroom is three times the size of the one at home! So of course, the first thing I did after excusing myself for the evening was to run a bath for my own mini-spa hour.

Tried out the shampoo and conditioner samples from Kérastase Bain Substantif and Kérastase Masque Substantif, hair care products for mature hair:

I dislike the intensity of their perfume but this shampoo and conditioner do leave my hair feeling soft and shiny. if I weren’t so in love with my Aveda hair care…

Then came the Masqueology Pore Minimizing Masque that came in my July Birchbox. This is the kind of mask that’s made of cloth and has holes cut out for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Bit drippy, this mask; good thing I was using it while lying in the tub. You’re meant to rub the remaining product into your face after you remove the mask, but as I said, this is a drippy thing and leaves a LOT of leftover product; I finally had to wipe it off because I just could not rub any more stuff into my face.

Can’t say my pores were noticeably minimized after using this mask but it felt pretty nice on. It’s not a product I would buy again if I were looking to make my pores look less crater-y but if i did, I would store it in the fridge for a soothing and cooling treat on a hot day.


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