Yi Pak Spa: A Two Week Follow Up

More from my old beauty blog:

Nearly two weeks post-scrub (see my original post on Yi Pak)!

Day one: Admired my newly baby-soft skin. Even the stubborn chicken skin on my thighs was gone. After my first shower after being scrubbed down by Ajumma, I noticed that bits of skin were still rolling off as I applied lotion. I was grossly fascinated by this because if you remember, I didn’t actually get to see myself molt during my session at Yi Pak.

Day seven: Still smooth, still amazed. More bits of skin rolling off- AWESOME! I found myself feeling more confident about baring a little skin to celebrate the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. It paid off in the admiring glances my friend and I got from the hottie members of the FDNY who were lunching at the same restaurant.

Today: Legs show signs of dryness. Boo. I’m sure the two hours I spent in a swimming pool this morning didn’t help. The chicken skin is starting to come back, most likely due to the dryness. I’m slathering on both Neutrogena’s Body Oil and Eucerin Original Moisturizing Lotion to keep my super-soft skin momentum going.

I’m really impressed with the results of my visit to Yi Pak. I’m going to try Juvenex sometime to compare. I am officially a Korean-scrub fan!


3 thoughts on “Yi Pak Spa: A Two Week Follow Up

  1. Not sure you want to know this, but as a man who has been to both Juvenex and YiPak (actually, YiPak’s upstairs spa for guys, but it’s the same staff, and I’m sure the same towels!), the main difference between the two is that guys get a little…extra…with their scrubs at YiPak. Never happens at Juvenex; always happens at YiPak.

  2. Yeah, I don’t really know how I feel about it either…I’ve gone several times, so I guess I don’t hate it, but in the aftermath i always find myself asking, “Why did I just let this middle-aged Korean woman do…that?” But as you described in your original post, you’re lying naked on the scrub table with your eyes covered and you kind of leave yourself in the scrubber’s hands. Just slightly more so in my case than in yours. 🙂

    I almost wonder if it’s just a standard practice in Korea, not seen as something sexual, just part of a thorough cleaning? They certainly don’t make it sexy at all – just take a firm grip and go to work on it as if it were a shin or a forearm…

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