Clarisonic Mia: A Five Week Progress Report

I’ll be frank: by the end of the third week, I wanted to give up on the Mia and was getting ready to return the damned thing because my skin was getting so dry and flaky and uncomfortable. Then I remembered that I hadn’t gotten around to exchanging the spare brush head for one meant for delicate skin. I did it just before I left for California, and have been using it for the last few days.

What a difference it made! I never thought I’d say this but I’m relieved about the fact that my skin went back to being its usual oily self; it just didn’t seem right that my face went from being an oil slick to being dry as the Sahara almost overnight. My face no longer feels tight and it doesn’t sting to put moisturizer on. I’m glad I stuck it out and that I got the delicate skin brush head; my skin is actually NOT that delicate or sensitive but apparently it is when it comes to vibrating skin cleansing tools!

My blackheads are all but gone, and a pimple that was brewing just underneath my skin two days ago seems to have changed its mind. Which is great because I forgot to pack zit gel. My face is a lot more smooth, which means my makeup goes on a little more smoothly too. I love that the Mia is thorough at removing my makeup, though admittedly, I don’t wear lots and lots of it to begin with. My skin also seems more accepting of the heavier moisturizer I started using because of the sensitive skin brush head that came with the Mia without breaking out.

I’m still only a week into using the delicate skin brush head and in a climate that’s very diffrerent from that of NYC, so I can’t offer a more informed opinion until I’ve used it at home for a while. Still, it gives me a bit of hope that I didn’t make a bad buy. 🙂

So far, I’m pleased.


One thought on “Clarisonic Mia: A Five Week Progress Report

  1. I do see a positive difference in the skin on your hand over the past 30 days.

    For me, it’s a cost/benefit question. I have dry skin and no blemishes. Given the price tag, would you recommend this purchase for everyone, or would you qualify your endorsement?

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