NYX Nude on Nude Palette

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I am a total neophyte when it comes to eyeshadows.   I blame it on having monolids (eyelids that have no crease) and growing up in the garish blue eyeshadow era also known as the 1980s, though if I’m really honest with myself, my aversion to eye shadow is based primarily on my lack of makeup skills.  Though having no crease in my lids does complicate matters a little because there aren’t any visual guidelines for where and how to apply shadow without looking like a Dynasty reject.

In any case, I never learned how to apply eye shadow, and my few failed attempts at its application have made me very wary.   I checked out some YouTube videos and discovered Jen from FrmHeadtoToe.com.  I heart that girl not just because she has skills (I think she’s a freelance makeup artist?) but because like me, she is a monolidded Asian; she makes eye makeup look so easy.

Based on Jen’s recommendation of NYX eye shadows, I bought their Nude on Nude palette to start my makeup journey.  It’s supposed to be similar to Urban Decay’s Naked palette, only with lip colors included.  I’m actually quite pleased with this product.  The shadows are nicely pigmented and blend really well, and I’ve taken to using some of the shades as eyeliner.  I also really appreciate that only about half the palette is made up of shimmery colors.  Eye shadow for grownups!

I still shy away from using the darker shades on my lids because I haven’t yet mastered application techniques–I look like a raccoon that got punched in the face.  But I love that I have 20 shades to play with and I feel confident that I’ll eventually get it right.

The lip colors are a little less exciting for me–I feel like I have to use a ton of product to cover my lips.  The colors are quite pretty, though I can’t tell which are supposed to be lip glosses and which are meant to be opaque or if they’re all supposed to be opaque.

The only things I dislike about NYX’s Nude on Nude palette are the included applicators.  Completely useless; I tossed them out and bought my own brushes (which I’ll talk about next time).

Bottom line:  I love this palette and would recommend it to anyone in search of a well-priced quality eyeshadow palette, and especially to someone looking for a mix of both shimmery/glittery and matte shadows.  It’s nice to know the 80s won’t be calling me and demanding the return of their eye makeup!


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